The Blood Line; The Plumb Line

The morning of December 1st, 2016 I heard the Lord say, “Break the stick!”  I saw two wooden sticks, measuring sticks, one in the hands of half of our nation and the other in the hands of the other half of our nation.  It was tempting to assign the two opposing groups Democrats and Republicans, but its meaning was beyond labels; this has to do with hearts.  I then heard the Lord say, “Return to the plumb line.”

I will make justice the measuring line and righteousness the plumb line; hail will sweep away your refuge, the lie, and water will overflow your hiding place.                 The Prophet Isaiah 28:17

2-eaglesThen the Lord reminded me of the two eagles fighting and then falling into a drainage ditch off a roadway in Orlando, Florida; one a male and the other a female.  According to experts the two were fighting for territory; the male emerged the territorial victor while the female was rescued with minor injuries.  A blatant prophetic act orchestrated by God; the battle over the collegiate electoral votes in Florida for the presidency was unlike anything we have seen historically.

Then I heard the Lord again, “Perch on the Plumb Line!”

America was built plumb on the ordinances of God.  Our founding fathers carefully measured out our laws, regulations, and order by applying providential truths.  Our foundation is plumb.  We must, all of us together, return to the plumb line.

As I asked God about the location of America’s Plumb line. He quickened my spirit to revisit the account of the American Revolution in America’s Providential History by Dr. Mark A. Beliles & Stephen K. McDowell.  As I read, I was overcome by the history of how God defended Christian Liberty, but not more than when I read these words,

As the American Army, under the command of George Washington, moved their wintering spot at Valley Forge, army troops had no clothes to cover their nakedness, nor blankets to lie on, nor tents to sleep under.  Washington stated: “For the want of shoes their marches through frost and snow might be traced by the blood from their feet, and they were almost as often without provisions as with them. (p.153)

I could see the blood line, deep in the stained snow by the men who fought that winter.

In any other war effort, it is believed by many scholars that the troops would have left.  They maintained their ground, however!  Why?  Not for fame or fortune but for FREEDOM!  The blood spilled in the winter of 1777-1778 at Valley Forge has not dissolved, it is resolute!

The blood that stained this ground, writes Henry Brown, “did not rush forth in the joyous frenzy of the fight; it fell drop by drop from the heart of a suffering people.  They who once encamped here in the snow fought not for conquest, not for power, not for glory, not for their country only, not for themselves alone. They served here for Posterity; they suffered here for the Human Race; they bore here the cross of all peoples; they died here that freedom might be the heritage of all. (America’s Providential History, p.155)

And so we cry out to the same God to whom George Washington prayed on his knees in the woods when it seemed there was no hope.  God, give America today the same “signal stroke of Providence” as you gave General Washington in 1777.

From out of the ground let the first blood of American Liberty speak! We agree with the soldiers who surround us as a great cloud of witnesses, that Liberty is worth the battle on our knees.   We repent for prayerlessness.  We repent for forgetting those who fought spirit, soul, and body for our liberties.  God we repent of our indulgences and mishandling of our liberties; Freedom has been replaced by so many common things.   Like the eagle you sent as a sign in Florida, we refuse to let go of the territory of America’s Providential History!  We can feel the blood of our ancestors and our heritage bubbling up like an abandoned well–Liberty, Truth and Justice, it sings, like the well in the wilderness (Numbers 21:16-18)!   We stand thankfully, prayerfully, and gratefully on the blood line drawn in the snow by the soldiers who did not turn away and especially in the Blood line spilled on the cross at Calvary by our Lord Jesus Christ.  Today, as one nation under God, we perch on that plumb line!

People use lye to clean silver. In the same way, I will clean away all your wrongs. I will remove all the impurities from you.  I will bring back the kind of judges you had in the beginning. Your counselors will be like those you had long ago. Then you will be called ‘The Good and Faithful City.’ The Prophet Isaiah 1:25-26


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